Erin O’Neil



With ten years in the industry, Erin has the skills to deliver any cut, colour and style that her client wants, but what really sets her apart is how she works with each client to make sure they’re getting the look that’s just right for them. Erin’s clients trust her to help them achieve a beautiful, everyday look, and they know she will be honest about what she thinks they need, even if that means going an inch shorter or a little darker.

In her career, Erin has delivered everything from 22-inch extensions to complicated colour corrections, and she once coloured Ozzy Osbourne’s hair (but you’ll have to ask her to tell you the story herself). Erin doesn’t shy away from new techniques, and prides herself on giving clients high-quality but low-maintenance looks.

An appointment with Erin is about more than hair. Erin loves getting to know her clients, talking through their latest stresses or making predictions about the next Bachelor. You’ll walk away after a couple hours in Erin’s chair with a new friend and fabulous hair.

To make an appointment with Erin, visit or email her at and find her on Instagram @nitaneil.