Blair Delaney



Blair’s journey in the world of hairstyling commenced over a decade ago in Edmonton. Over the years, his pursuit of excellence led him to prestigious training grounds in Paris and New York, where he absorbed insights from industry luminaries. His extensive color training in Paris and specialization as an extension specialist has refined his craft to remarkable heights.

Having honed his skills in high-end salons and the dynamic realm of the entertainment industry, Blair possesses a keen understanding of crafting exceptional looks that transcend boundaries. From luminaries like Hillary Duff and Jennifer Morrison to the diverse spectrum of busy professionals and devoted parents, Blair ensures each client receives a bespoke, stunning transformation that perfectly suits their personality.

With an innate eye for detail, Blair meticulously orchestrates every aspect of his salon, from the art adorning the walls to the nuanced tones enhancing his clients’ hair. His paramount goal is to orchestrate an experience that empowers clients to feel incredible from the moment they step through the door.

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