Jae Moreland



Jae is a multi-faceted artist, with a background in airbrushing, body paint, tattoos and artistry, as well as a love for makeup.

Using all of the skills she’s acquired over her career, she decided to become certified in Microblading and Classic Lash Extensions. With her strong sense of what looks beautiful on others and emphasis on precision in her work she hit the ground running. These have now become some of her favourite services to provide.

In addition, if you are looking to make a memorable impression, Jae specializes in body makeup for events. Jae uses a silicone-base or water-based paint and can create any character you can think of. From Avatars to zebras and everything in between, Jae has got you covered.

She also has a degree in the graphic arts if you are looking for a logo or print work.

Let’s have a fun time and glam you up with Glam Ink. Contact Jae for details – Hours are flexible, prices are good!

Check out my website:

Bodypaint: www.facebook.com/j2omedia
website: www.glamink.ca